Ridgeview Christian School

Ridgeview Christian School was established by Ridgeview Baptist Church to assist parents in educating their children. It is our desire that our children grow spiritually, academically, and socially while attending Ridgeview Christian.

Ridgeview Christian provides quality, God-centered education for grades K-4 through 12. We teach our children from a Biblical perspective in an atmosphere of love and concern, offering a traditional classroom setting.

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Biblical Worldview

If God is who He said He is, then His Word is relevant to all aspects of our lives. We aim to teach our students to see the world as God intended, through the lens of the truth of the Bible through every academic subject. 


Critical Thinking

Today, information is everywhere. But how do we verify that information is truth? And if it is truth, then how do we use this information. We seek to train our students to learn how to think, not just memorize. 


Teachers Teach

Learning is interactive. It is interpersonal. We employ the best teachers we can find who love God and have a passion to see kids learn, overcome challenges and succeed. Our teachers are personally invested.