Welcome Home

Update - May 8th

Start your engines...Sunday’s coming!

We are just a couple days away from coming together for Drive In Worship.  This will be a great time to get out of the house, and assemble as the church, safe and secure in our cars.

Everything is coming together for Sunday.  You should have received an email giving details about arrival and parking.
When you arrive, you will be able to hear by way of the speakers, or you can tune your FM radio to 91.5.
Pray for God to bless every part of this service.
Coffee with the Pastor:
Again, this week, I invite you to join together for a Zoom meeting this Saturday morning at 8am.
The link if you would like to join is:
Meeting ID: 921 335 3713
Help needed:
We would like to paint the foyer before we come back together.  All supplies are at the church - all we need are willing volunteers.  
If you would be available to spend some time painting, please let us know.

Thank you for your kind words and encouragements during this difficult time.  
I miss you, church.  Can’t wait til Sunday!
Pastor Don

Update - April 24th

Dear Church,
Who is God to you this week?

That is a question asked every week in Treehouse, as our kids worship together.
It’s a question maybe we all should be asking.

Is He our Sustainer?  Do we live everyday enjoying His amazing grace in our lives?

Are we spending time with Him during these days?

Trials will come, but God’s Grace is sufficient to carry us through.

I pray that you and your family are well.  Hang in there, church.  Hopefully we are beginning to see the end in sight.

A few items of note:

Drive In Service - we have made plans to come together, at least once, in the remaining shut down.  On Sunday, May 10th, we be holding our worship in the parking lot of our church.  All are encouraged to get out of the house and join us in the parking lot. We will park with proper social distancing, stay in our cars, and participate in worship with our church family. If anything changes, we will send out communications through Facebook, the website, and our app.

Invite others to join our livestream, Sundays at 10:30 on both Facebook and YouTube

Hopefully together soon,

Pastor Don

Update - April 9th

It's Thursday...but Sunday's coming!

The team and I have just finished more than 4 hours of work in the auditorium, preparing the service for live stream on Sunday.  It is a challenge, but it is what we have to do at this time.

Our prayer is that God will use His Word, and the worship to encourage, to bring hope, and to present the good news of Jesus on this Easter Sunday.  

Church family, as you are watching with your family, I pray you will sing along with the worship, read along with scripture, and pray for those who happen to stumble across the message.  Heaven will only tell what results may have occurred from God blessing His Word.

I have been so encouraged this week, by joining along with you each evening for prayer time.  If you haven't joined in, one of us is going live Mon-Fri at 7:50 on Facebook for a prayer time.

Pastor Don

Update - March 27th

Greetings Ridgeview, I trust that your week is going well, and you are not stir crazy, yet.
We are certainly in unusual times, but just think...every day is one day closer to the end of all of this, and we can go back to a more normal way of life.  We miss being in church together, and I can't wait to see you all again.
As we deal with all of this, let me remind us all of several items:

  • Sunday Service - Join us online this Sunday at 10:30.  You can go to our website or view on Facebook or Youtube.  If you know somebody that doesn't have the technology to view, maybe you can invite them to join you.  

  • Praise for the Smith Family - One of the blessings coming out of all of this is the coming home of Jill Smith and her family.  It seems that the virus caused concern, which prompted the right people in authority to act on their behalf.  After many months, and after many, many hours of travel, they arrived in the early morning hours this morning.  Pray for them as they will now have to quarantine for the next couple of weeks.  We can't wait to see them again.

  • Easter Drive-In Service - With Easter quickly coming, and not seeing an end to restrictions, we are going to have a drive-in service on Easter, April 12 at 10:30 a.m. All families are asked to come and stay in your car.  We will have a stage set up, with speakers broadcasting the worship and message that morning.  I ask that every family repost the announcement on the church FaceBook page, so we can get the word out to our friends and neighbors.  All are invited.

  • Daily time of prayer and encouragement - Join together each evening at 7:50 pm on FaceBook for a time of prayer, led by one of our leadership.  After only a few days of doing this, we are getting a great response from people telling us what a blessing it has been.  Join us!

  • RBC Family Photo Challenge - Looking for some fun with the fam?  Join us for Family Photo Challenge, which was started last night, and runs through Saturday afternoon.  On the RBC Facebook page you will find a video from Summer, along with a group of pictures of items to find and take a family picture beside.  Who will win?

  • Financial Peace University - Many in our church have benefited from taking a Dave Ramsey class called Financial Peace University.  We plan to offer the class again in the future, but I have been made aware of a great opportunity.  For the next 14 days, you can get the online version of FPU free!  That's all nine video lessons taught by Dave Ramsey, and the material you need to set your financial house in order.  What a great way to use some of the down time.  Go to the website:  www.daveramsey.com/hope.  There you will find the link to sign up for the class.

  • PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to have a Facebook account in order to see all of these things on our Church Facebook page. You will need an account, however, to comment and interact with posts. 
Church, if you need someone, we are here.  Please let us know how we can serve!
Be blessed,
Pastor Don

Update - March 18

Message from Pastor Don McClure:

God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind - 2 Timothy 1:7

When Paul wrote this, He was giving encouragement to Timothy.  He told Timothy to “stir up the gift of God which is in you”.  In other words, keep on doing things in ministry, and do not let fear stop you!

Do you find yourself fearful during this difficult time?  Do you find yourself, like me, not sure what to do, what to think, and how to plan?

Ridgeview Family, God tells us not to fear, but trust Him in all things.  He is still on the throne and He knows what we are dealing with.  I have to keep telling myself that as we see directives come that tell us that we can’t meet together.

What can we do, while we can’t assemble as the church?  

We can pray.

Pray with “supplication” for specific needs that we might be aware of.

Pray specifically for the missionaries you know.

Pray for others in our church, that may be having a difficult time with all of this uncertainty.

Pray for your neighbors.

Use this opportunity to reach out to help someone else.

If you know of anybody near you, church family or not, that needs help during this time, please let us know.  We want to be able to serve others in need.

We are working on a way to stream a service together this week for Sunday.  We don’t have the equipment we need, but we are trying to put together a way that we can all be together in worship, if not physically, then spiritually.

We will let you know that plan as soon as we work out the details.

Update - March 14

After careful and prayerful consideration, we have decided on the following decisions concerning church services tomorrow:

  • Our 9:30 EQUIP Class hour will be canceled
  • Our 10:30 Worship service, TreeHouse Kids, Preschool and Nursery programs will go on as scheduled. 
  • Baptism during the 10:30 service will still occur as scheduled. 
  • Our Sunday evening LifeGroups will be decided on by the individual groups.

If you have had any flu-like symptoms within the last 24 hours, we ask you to refrain from joining us.

We are actively monitoring how this Wednesday will be affected. Updates will be shared on the Coronavirus Update Page at ridgeviewministries.com as well as through Email Updates. You can signup for updates on our website as well.
The health and safety of our people are a top priority of our's. We do not see having service tomorrow as an act of extra faith and do not look down on any ministry that has chosen to cancel services tomorrow. There is also no shame in any of our families choosing to stay home tomorrow.

If you are a volunteer in one of our areas of ministry and are unable to attend tomorrow, please notify appropriate leadership as soon as possible.

We look forward to gathering together tomorrow with those who are able. We long for the day when there will be no fear or sickness. Until then, we will celebrate the One who will make that day possible.

Update - March 12th

As you know by now, the whole world is watching the spread of the Coronavirus or COVID-19. No doubt this has and will continue to impact our lives in different ways. Everything from the toilet paper and hand sanitizer stock in local stores to the stock market and its effects on retirement accounts and college funds have been negatively impacted. But the truth is, we do not know how much the actual virus will impact our local community in Central Virginia. The question is how will we react to the current situation.

Our facilities have been lovingly cleaned and cared for to ensure a clean and safe environment for decades. Each area is cleaned as appropriate for the amount of use and traffic in that area throughout a given week. We are currently evaluating additional measures to be wise during this time of concern. As of now, all of our regularly scheduled gatherings and activities are still on. If we were to cancel any activities, a notification will be made by email and at ridgeviewministries.com. This is a very fluid situation that we will be monitoring continuously. We are also continuously monitoring how this may impact Ridgeview Christian School.

We need your cooperation while at church gatherings by refraining from physical contact such as hugging, handshakes, and even fist bumps for the time being. We ask that if you have any symptoms of illness, please refrain from attending our gatherings. Please be aware that those who are of advanced age are more vulnerable to this illness. 

While we are continuing to monitor the situation, we need to be reminded that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but rather a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind. If you look to the news or to social media, you will see such wildly different takes on what to think about the outcome of this virus. You will see everything from “it’s all a hoax” to full-on panic. We do not want to be driven by fear, but we do want to be wise.
Let us pray for those who have contracted the disease. Let’s pray for those who have put themselves in harm’s way to care for those who are sick. Let’s pray for our leaders in all levels of government, business, schools, and church as they make decisions.

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