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What We value

Core values

  • Interaction with God through His Word and prayer form the essential foundation for every aspect of a believer's life and our church's ministry. 

  • Unbelievers matter to God and
    must matter to the church.

  • Loving relationships should permeate
    every aspect of church life. 

  • Connection with God and His church is best
    cultivated through personal involvement. 

  • Followers of Christ should be authentic and
    strive for continuous spiritual growth.

  • Those with leadership gifts, structured according to the nature & mission of the church, should be those who lead our church. 

  • Excellence honors God and inspires people. 

  • Our church should operate as a unified body of
    believers each using their spiritual gifts. 

  • The pursuit of full devotion to Christ & His
    cause is expected for every believer. 

  • Our church should be culturally relevant
    while remaining doctrinally pure.

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